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White Water Rafting


Nepal has earned the reputation of one of the best destinations for white water rafting. Cruising down rushing rivers of crashing waves and swirling rapids can make up excitement of a lifetime. Rafting trips for some is the highlight of their stay in Nepal. The waters in Nepal offer something for everybody: Grade 5-5+ rivers with raging white water rapids for the adventurous, to Grade 2-3 rivers with a few rapids for novices.

We are proud to share our wonderful country, culture, and our many years of experience in this field with you and give you an excellent opportunity to explore the remote countryside, which is never possible without river trips.

Rafting River

Karnali River in the "wild west" (11 days)
The river lies on the far west from Kathmandu. The rafters run through narrow gorges having challenging rapids. The biggest river in Far West Nepal, starting and ending at Kathmandu, 3 to +4 graded Moderate River.

The Karnali, Nepal's mightiest river, descends through the Himalayas in the series of magnificent gorges. It drains most of the far west of Nepal. It is called "Wild West". The area it flows through is wild and unspoiled with some of the pristine jungle scenery in Nepal and abundant wildlife. The Karnali is a gem, combining lowland trek.

Exceptional big volume rafting through tropical jungle deserted beaches and small villages. The rapids are also petty wilds, with the river building to its climax in these lower canyons in a matter of hours, as the river rises the difficulty increase exponentially.

Distance: 210 km Aprox.

Sun Koshi River (8-10 days)
Sunkoshi rafting starts from Baseri (dolalghat) and end at Chatara, requiring 08 to 09 days. Baseri is 3 hours drive from Kathmandu to the east. Among many advantages of a long river trip, one is a pleasant diversity of things within a short span of time with a chance to see 250 different species of orchids and 400 species of birds available around the basin. 4-5 graded Wild River in east Nepal. Challenging one. Tour not recommended in the months February to April.

The warm water of Sun Koshi surges for 270 kms, there are dozens of adrenaline pumping big rapids and miles of calm water to reflect on this beautiful area with scenery. There is not any road and town between starting and ending point. Sun Koshi means "River of gold" perhaps named after the gold, that is found from the river gravel or alternatively it refers to the orange color of the water in the monsoon when it is thick with flood.

Marshyangdi River (5 days)
5 days tour from Kathmandu or Pokhara. 4+ graded river in Middle West Nepal for steep blows expedition. Narrow and a rocky river, it is a four days run through uninterrupted water, which lies to the western part of Nepal.

"Steep and challenging" Marshyangdi means "Raging River" in the local dialect and this aptly describes one of the best white water running in the world through continuous, exhilarating white water and Great Mountain scenery. We trek through charming Gurung village and arid valley for one day to reach Ngadi. Where we put in. Few rivers rival this for exhilarating white water and sustained sections of steep technical rafting test our teamwork. Rapids are steep, technical and consecutive making Marshyangdi a serious undertaking.

Distance: 50 Km. Aprox.

Bhote Koshi River (2 days)
Bhote Koshi lies to the east of Kathmandu where the rafters experience rafting through a veritable maze of canyons and boulders. 2 days tour from Kathmandu to Kathmandu. One of the wildest rafting river, Steep blows. Starting near from the Nepal-Tibet border.

A beautiful mountain river, Nepal's shortest and wild river for your limited time or desire of white water running. A few hours drive from Kathmandu offers a relaxed day rafting.

Bhote Koshi means "river from Tibet". This river offers quite a lot of steep, technical and challenging sections.

Distance: 17 Km. Aprox.

Kali Gandaki River (3 days)
Starting and ending at Pokhara, west Nepal. 3-5 hours rafting every day. 4 graded river. Classic and moderate rafting tour.

Nepal's medium length river trip, turbulent rapids, slow drifting, white water, world's deepest gorges, rich wildlife, historical and feeling of remoteness.

River of Kali rises in Mustang, an enclave of Nepal poking in to Tibet on the other side of Himalaya. Then flows between world's deepest gorge and in an arid open valley. Where drifting through technical, challenging streams.

Distance: 43 Kms. (Approximately)
Starting place: Nayapul
Ending place: Mirmi

Trishuli River (1-2 days)
It is one of the most popular rivers for the rafters having easy access by road along its major part. It runs between Kathmandu and Pokhara. It is about 3 hours drive to the west from Kathmandu where the rafting can be easily managed to end at a place where a wildlife tour begins in Chitwan. Over 250 species of birds are found around the river. The river flows through grain fields and villages to the surrounding hills. 1-2 days tour from Kathmandu or Pokhara or Chitwan. Normal graded river. Easiest organizing one. Ending near Royal Chitwan National Park.

A river, which is most popular with impressive gorges, exciting rapids some easier sections and easily accessible from Kathmandu. Recommended for intermediate rafter and those who have limited time and would like to have a family trip.

Seti River (2 days)
2 days tour. Starting from Kathmandu or Pokhara and ending at Chitwan. Normal graded river good for beginners. Less crowded by tourists.

The seti is an excellent 2 days trip in an isolated area. Where beautiful jungle, plenty of easy rapids and fantastic Himalayan scenery. The river is an excellent for beginners, intermediate, learners and family trips.


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